Narrative short film "Haunt" wraps! Kickstarter campaign launched to raise post-production funds

Faith Pennick shot her experimental, narrative short film "Haunt" in mid-October. The film is about a woman who has an intense and passionate affair with a younger man, and she can't get over him when it ends. The film is semi-autobiographical (Pennick wrote the script), touching on themes of loneliness, aging, and how difficult it can be to date in a big, urban area like New York. "Haunt" stars New York & Chicago-based actress Nambi E. Kelley and newcomer Drew Scott Alexander.

Now that production on the film is done, Pennick is seeking funds to complete post-production and submit "Haunt" to film festivals throughout the world. A Kickstarter campaign was launched to raise $12,000 for expenses including editing, sound design and color correction. If the total amount is not raised by November 22, the film receives NOTHING. If you're interested in supporting the film, please click below. Also, let your film-loving friends know about this project.

Check back here for updates on "Haunt!"

Interview with Faith on BRIC TV!

The show "BK Live" on BRIC TV interviewed Faith Pennick in January. Check it out here! about her documentary film work and narrative feature project, "Double Effect"!

Watch her segment below!